How to Defeat the Icky, Filthy, Creepy, Slimy Corona Monster! by Robert F. DeFinis, ed.D. 

 January 6, 2023

By  BookishBearx

Hello! I am back with more reviews. This is a book aimed at children to try and teach them the different aspects of controlling Covid-19 and why. So if you are a mum or dad, or you have friends with younger children and you don’t really know how you can explain the current situation to them, especially with talk of some schools opening in the near future, maybe this is for you.

So this book written by Robert F. DeFinis, Ed.D comes in a couple of different formats, you can get it on Kindle via the amazon store, or there is a video version of the book available on YouTube. It was published in April this year. I will pop the Goodreads summary below for your reference.

How to Defeat the Icky, Filthy, Creepy, Slimy, Corona Monster!, Dr Robert DeFinis explains in a user-friendly way simple tips to combat Corona, so as for children to make more sense of the current Pandemic. This beautifully illustrated book is told in rhyme consisting of two short rhymes per page

I love the idea of this book. We’ve always turned to children’s books to teach kids different aspects of life, like following their dreams and making friends. So many children’s books have underlying morals to them to help teach them different things. I think using that idea to help this weird and crazy time make a bit more sense to them is great! Especially for when they might have to go to school and may find it hard to understand why they can’t play with their friends how they did before.

The illustrations for the book are incredibly colourful and neat. They aren’t too much and the pages are well thought out and uncluttered. It’s bright and colourful enough to engage attention but not draw the attention away from what the book is trying to tell us. Each illustration exhibits the part of the story it is representing well, it all makes sense and fits together really nicely! I like how it explains the importance and steps to hygiene as well as social distancing as well as showing the kids the frontline staff that are integral to helping stopping the spread of the virus. The positive uplifting message of better days and team work is also really lovely and a great attitude to portray to children, as it is a very scary situation that we are in, there are a lot of unknowns.

The video version is also a brilliant idea. I feel like it makes it more inclusive to children that maybe prefer watching videos that to read or have a story read to them. So this book can still benefit children that learn in different ways. It’s a brilliant idea to have that alternate format and platform for the children to learn from. Because at the end of the day books aren’t for everyone, but at least the video version of the book still enables those children that don’t respond well to books to still take away the benefits of the story.

All in all, I think this book is a fab idea, I think it’s well executed and would be a great tool for parents to have to teach their younger children the behaviours that will keep them and their friends and family safe. I love that it is positive and optimistic but still informative and clear to understand. I really think this will benefit a lot of children! I will pop the Amazon link below if you are curious!

Star Rating /5


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