Services, Prices & Policies

Book Reviews 

I offer book reviews for most genres, I will not take reviews for books that are of a pornographic genre as I aim to keep my site friendly for all ages. For these reviews I will not charge however, I do ask for a free copy of the book in either physical form, ePub document or PDF. My review will be honest and constructive but never harsh, malicious or nasty. I will be able to post these reviews not only on my site, but my social media, amazon and Goodreads should you so wish. I ask that all review requests be made on the contact page of my site clearly stating it is a review request including where you would like the review to be posted and any other relevant information. Please note if I have numerous requests at one time, there may be a small wait as I will read them in the order that the requests were made. I am a fairly quick reader so I expect this delay only to be small.

Interviews, Book Tours, News Announcements

I have recently started accepting author interviews and post topics other than reviews. Again as long as I find the book or topic sensible and suitable for my site audience I would be happy to have my site host this. Again for this at the moment I do not charge a fee, I just ask that I am contacted via the contact page with a message clearly stating what it is you are wanting me to write about, including any important dates or information, especially if leading up to a book release. I do ask as I will share this on my social media that you share the interview on your own too to increase exposure.


Prices and policies coming soon…