The Sanitorium by Sarah Pearse 

 December 20, 2022

By  BookishBearx

Hello lovelies! I’ve been struggling with reviewing every book that I’ve read recently. Mostly because, I have been working a lot of overtime. Corona has been keeping me busy! But I’ve had a couple of books be approved for Netgalley reads, and I definitely want to share these with you guys! Coincidently so, today’s review is one of them. Keep reading for my thoughts on The Sanitorium by Sarah Pearse!

The Sanatorium is a mystery, suspense thriller that is due to be published February next year. It is based in a Sanatorium turned hotel situated in the Swiss Alps. What is thought to be a small break in a luxury hotel, to find answers from her past and reconnect with her brother, turns out to be highly dangerous weekend for Elin and those stuck in the hotel. When a handful of staff and guests get trapped in the hotel after an avalanche, bad goes to worse when a body is found on the premises. The death is no accident, and ex-police officer Elin finds herself pulled into the case to help keep everyone safe until the police can make it up the mountain. But who’s the killer? And who will they target next?

I requested this book because I historically, am a massive lover of thrillers. From the plot it sounded amazing, right up my street and I had very high hopes for it. It definitely lived up to my expectations. This thriller is very atmospheric, creepy and full of suspense. It kept me guessing all the way through and even when I was 100% sure that I’d figured out who was the killer, I was 100% wrong. The twists were complete blind sides, very unpredictable and highly entertaining to read.

There were some unique twists in the plot as well which I loved! I find some thrillers feel very same-y. It can seem at times like they’re all written to the same formula, but The Sanatorium easily stood out from the crowd. I also feel like Sarah Pearse did a fantastic job with her characters and their development throughout the book too. The people she created within her pages were so easy to connect with. They were full of life and depth, which really brought out the best of the book.

All in all, I am so happy I got to read this book. It was the perfect creepy read and fit perfectly in my Halloween TBR pile. I’d definitely recommend to people who love crime, mystery and thrillers. This book excels in all categories and is so easy to love.

Star Rating /5


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