What’s My Instrument? by Johnny Oddsocks 

 December 18, 2022

By  BookishBearx

So What’s My Instrument? was published by Off The Shelf Publishing Ltd, following the adventures of Marilyn the Mongoose. I’ll put the synopsis taken from the books Goodreads page below:

Marilyn the Mongoose is keen to start a band – but she can’t play an instrument!

“What’s My Instrument?” introduces children to a variety of musical instruments as Marilyn tries to find the one which is perfect for her.

It is a humorous and delightfully illustrated children’s book ideal for toddlers and early readers.

Pick up a copy to find out what Marilyn stars at in the big concert!

So during this book we follow Marilyn as she learns about her talents and what makes her happy. She tries out multiple instruments until she finds the one for her. Taking her big dream even higher she wants to start a band and hold a big concert to celebrate the achievement.

I enjoyed reading What’s My Instrument? it was very reminiscent of the books that I read as a child and what I have read with my younger family members. I love that the storyline is simple, which means the kids wouldn’t struggle to keep up with what’s happening. It’s also very colourful so all the pictures really draw your eye and catch your attention. I also like the fact that it rhymes as well, it just makes it fun to read and very light hearted.

When it comes to the actual story I did like how it gives a fun opportunity to introduce kids to musical instruments as well as a few animals. Me and my partner are both musicians and we would love reading something like this to our own future kids. It enables us to introduce them into that musical world that we both love. I feel like it also has a nice message about not giving up to follow your dreams and how if you try hard enough you can do anything.

All in all, I found the book to be very age appropriate, colourful, fun and very well put together. I would definitely recommend this book to read to your kids! I will, after lockdown share it with my little cousins and see what they think of it too! But I’d have no qualms at reading this book to my kids and I think most kids would really enjoy reading it!

Star Rating /5


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