Freddy the Bird by Johnny Oddsocks 

By  BookishBearx

I’m really happy to be back with another review for Johnny Oddsocks! Today’s review is of another children’s book, and I’ve worked with Johnny before when I reviewed his first book “What’s My Instrument?” and though I’m not a kid I’ve done my fair share of baby sitting and I have an idea of what books go down well with the likes of my little cousins, for example. So today I’m back to review Freddy the Bird: The Leap of Faith.

You can get Freddy the Bird on ebook via Amazon! It’s release date is this Saturday! Which is exciting! So in Freddie the Bird, we see him as he travels through the jungle, he attempts to take flight off of a big cliff and forgets to flap his wings to make him fly, meaning that he then gets injured.

I really enjoyed giving this book a read. Its narrative was fun and humorous, which I think would definitely go down a treat with the kids. I liked how it has a rhyme and rhythm to it as well, this make it very catchy and engaging for little minds as well! The book is full of colour and the illustrations are very well done. They fit well to the adjoining narrative.

I also like how Johnny Oddsocks uses his stories to teach things, which he tells us about on the last page of this book. The message that I seemed to get from this book was learning to walk before you can run and your actions have consequences! Which I feel is a great message to teach young ones as they are at that age where they are learning everything, mostly for the first time.

All in all, I feel like this would be a great book to have on your children’s bookshelves. It’s fun and bright as well as educational. It’s appropriate to age and an all-round lovely book. If you want to give this a read with your little ones, head over to Amazon on Saturday and pop in an order.

Star Rating /5


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