The Vintage Bookshop of Memories by Elizabeth Holland 

By  BookishBearx

Hello lovelies! I am back with another review request. Elizabeth Holland approached me through my site to see if I would be interested in giving her book The Vintage Bookshop of Memories a read, and it sounded like such a sweet story that I had to give it a go.

The Vintage Bookshop of Memories is a short story spanning around 150 pages and was published in June of this year. It is a romance story about a young girl who after the death of her Grandmother and Mum becomes the owner of an entire village and a mystery Bookshop that her mother once owned, but she knew nothing about. I will include the synopsis below…

“Nothing but our happiness should dictate what we do with our lives”

Prue Clemonte loves history. When Prue returns to Ivy Hatch after her grandmother’s death she has no idea just how much the village’s history is about to change her life. With endless secrets and ancient feuds Prue must uncover memories to discover the village’s history.

As Prue inherits The Vintage Bookshop of Memories she discovers a diary which details her mother’s thoughts, memories and secrets. The shop is like stepping in to her mother’s mind and Prue is determined to restore the shop. However, with a village full of people against her can Prue win them over and honour her mother’s memory, whilst trying to discover the truth about the past?

Prue won’t let a village full of people who hate her stop her from living her life and being happy. With the help of Elliot Harrington Prue is determined to win the village over and make herself a life back home in Ivy Hatch. However, she soon begins to realise that she’s lost herself in her quest for the truth. As Prue battles to find herself can she save the bookshop, whilst also stopping the village from ruining her life? There’s also Elliot Harrington, handsome and perfect and yet their relationship is doomed from the start.

I’m not going to lie, I was a bit dubious, as I usually am when reading romance on whether this would be for me. But since I’ve been pushing myself to branch out into new genres and styles lately I thought “let’s give it a go.” And I have got to say, I really enjoyed it. It was a very unique story, something that I haven’t come across before and that really grabbed my attention.

I also really liked the fact that reading it, I got the sense that it was incredibly reminiscent of a different time. The little world that has been created in the book felt like something older and vintage but somehow also modern. I think this fitted beautifully with Prue the main character. Speaking of Prue, I found her to be a lovely main. She was likeable and tenacious. I liked how she just wanted to belong and was so stubborn to stay and fight for what was right.

All in all, I found this book to be enjoyable and very sweet. It grabbed my attention and held it, making me read it in just one sitting. The characters are lovely, relatable and very well developed and Elizabeth’s writing style is stunning. I’d definitely recommend to romance and contemporary fiction fans, I feel like they would, without a doubt fall in love with this book. And even those who don’t usually like romance, like me, it may surprise you too!

Rating / 5


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