Something Unusual by Kit Winters 

 January 17, 2023

By  BookishBearx

You’re a lucky bunch this week, as this is my 2nd review to be posted! This is something a little different for me… for reasons being that 1. I don’t really tend to read ebooks, because I get migraines easily and 2. it is from the young adult genre, and as much as I love YA I don’t tend to read it very often anymore. I’m not sure why, but I think I need to start again. We said this year is the year of change, right?

SO, todays review is not actually out yet. It is a short novella written by writing duo Kit Winters which is to be the scene setter for a YA supernatural, slow-burn romance series packed full of action and magic. I’ll insert the synopsis provided by the Authors below for you!

Cilla D’Ponte attracts trouble. Mathias Smith defines it.

Considered the black sheep of her family. Cilla left her coven behind in favour of an entirely different world: college. However, there’s more in the mortal realm than she suspected, and when a stranger uses dark magic to steal her friends, she’ll face anything to get them back.

Being a blood-sucking parasite himself, Mathias knows those “friends” aren’t good for her; what he doesn’t know is why he cares. From the second he witnessed her exploding cinnamon buns, Cilla’s mystery had wrapped itself around his mind. No matter how he tries, he can’t seem to untangle her from his thoughts.

Whether their meeting is destiny or fate has yet to be determined. All we know is the start of something big often comes in little packages…

The premise in a bit more detail is Cilla is a young witch, who we learn didn’t have the best relationship with her parents or coven. She escapes to follow her own life path and ends up at college. Mathias is a vampire who tends to avoid friendships with mortals but Cilla catches his eye, and he soon starts to realise there’s something about her that isn’t all human. During the novella we witness the start of Cilla and Mathias’ friendship and are offered some foreshadowing of events still to come in further books.

I really enjoyed the characters of Something Unusual. I got a little bit of a Sabrina the Teenage Witch or Charmed vibe from the book and the characters. I think Cilla is really sweet and quirky. I love how she’s morally sound but still stands up for herself. I love as well how Mathias isn’t written as most fictional vampires are, there’s no glittering in the sun or burning when he goes outside. The characters are free from that cringe-y-ness that you sometimes get in YA novels, especially when they start to touch upon the supernatural. I like the dynamic of the relationship also, very caring and the events that they find themselves in that start to form the bonds of their friendship are quite light-hearted, such as a failed baking attempt leading to a small fire and cinnamon buns on the ceiling. It made me chuckle a little.

It’s a lovely novella and I am quite excited to see more from this author duo Kit Winters and their lovely characters. I would definitely recommend to someone who loves YA fiction, supernatural or slow-burn romance. It’s a nice easy read that’s very entertaining. If you are interested in giving this a read, it will be available to purchase from Amazon on the 7th February 2020 in an e-reader format! I can guarantee you’ll love this book and it’s characters.

Star Rating /5


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