The Chain by Adrian McKinty 

By  BookishBearx

A stranger has kidnapped your child.

To free them you must abduct someone else’s child.

Your child will be released when your victim’s parents kidnap another child.

If any of these things don’t happen: your child will be killed.

Victim. Survivor. Abductor. Criminal. You will become each one.

You are now part of The Chain.

The Chain is a mystery thriller full of suspense. It follows the story of a mother, who during an already tumultuous point in her life has to deal with her only child being abducted. She can’t go to the police and she can’t ask for help. The only option she has, to save her child is to follow a very specific set of rules given to her by The Chain. Her options are to follow the rules, no matter what her morals are telling her and save her child or to break them and her child dies. The book spans 357 pages. It has many rave reviews across instagram and blogs sites and was published back in 2019 by Orion.

When it came to The Chain I was both interested enough to want to keep reading but also not that arsed. It was a strange book for me. I liked the writing style, and I read it quite quickly. But I did find it a bit predictable. That aside though the book was pleasant to read and the plot and the characters were well put together and laid out. I thought the characters were well developed and very likeable. The plot had a lot of drama and there was always something happening to keep you interested and engaged in what was happening.

It is written in a way where it does jump between times and people in places and each chapter is dated which I found really helped me in following the time line of the story. I wanted to read until the end because I was invested in wanting to know how it all panned out. Which is obviously a sign of good writing,.

The only thing that let me down with this book is like I said earlier, is that it is a little predictable. However, that could be just me as I do read a lot of thrillers and I have gotten used to following them, predicting them and just reading them in general. If you’re new to thrillers or just like light thrillers in general that aren’t too dark and grisly, I feel like you would really enjoy this book.

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Would I recommend? All in all, I think I would. It is an interesting, well written book with characters that you can really connect to. I think most fans of the thriller genre will appreciate this book, and I would probably read it again too.

Star Rating /5


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