The Rosie Result by Graeme Simsion 

 January 26, 2023

By  BookishBearx

Hello lovelies! I know it’s been longer than usual since my last review, I gave myself a few days off to simply just read and chill without worrying about social media. Just to keep my head happy! But I am back ready to write a couple of reviews for you. So when I did the food shop last week I picked up a couple of books, which you will have seen on my Instagram if you follow me. So this week I am sharing my thoughts on one of those that I purchased. Todays review is for The Rosie Result by Graeme Simsion!

So The Rosie Result is a contemporary fiction novel that was published in February 2019 by Text Publishing. It is available in both paperback and hardback as well as on ebook! as I usually do I will include the synopsis from the books Goodreads page!

I was standing on one leg shucking oysters when the problems began…

Don and Rosie are back in Melbourne after a decade in New York, and they’re about to face their most important project.

Their son, Hudson, is having trouble at school: his teachers say he isn’t fitting in with the other kids. Meanwhile, Rosie is battling Judas at work, and Don is in hot water after the Genetics Lecture Outrage. The life-contentment graph, recently at its highest point, is curving downwards.

For Don Tillman, geneticist and World’s Best Problem-Solver, learning to be a good parent as well as a good partner will require the help of friends old and new.

It will mean letting Hudson make his way in the world, and grappling with awkward truths about his own identity.

And opening a cocktail bar


I believe this is the third book that follows these specific characters lives. But upon reading it, you don’t need to have read the first two to understand the book. I hadn’t and I got along just fine. Throughout The Rosie Result, we follow a families struggles with coming to terms with autism. Don Tillman who has been told he could be on the spectrum in the past is then told the same about his sun Hudson by his school. Don and Rosie then become worried that their son maybe struggling with things that most take for granted and they worry that he’s missing out and may struggle in later life due to this. Therefore Don takes it upon himself to leave his job as a scientist to spend more time with Hudson and help him with making friends and learning skills that are a must have in life. During the book we experience with the family as they learn what autism is and how it can affect people’s lives and how they overcome the struggles and prejudices that come with the label “autistic”.

I wasn’t massively overwhelmed with this book. Which I was surprised at as a lot if people told me how much they loved it. Now I’m not saying that it’s bad or I didn’t enjoy it, but I wasn’t overjoyed or blown away by it. I did like the characters. I felt like their personalities were all fun and interesting to read and get to know. I felt like they were well developed and the relationships in the book felt genuine and we built and delivered beautifully. I loved that all Don and Rosie ever cared about was what made Hudson happy, what he needed to succeed at life and what would keep him safe. The family dynamics of the Tillman’s was one that was very easy to love.

I think the thing that I didn’t really like is that within the plot itself, I felt like not a lot really happened. The book was nicely written, the characters were lovely, but I just felt like nothing really happened. There were only a couple of major events like Hudson’s track meet and his swimming competition but even they didn’t draw me in and grab me. I felt like there was a lack of something extra in the story line to pull me in. It wasn’t flat enough for me not to finish reading it, it just didn’t wow me.

I did like that you could either read the series as a series or just books on their own, as I didn’t feel lost not having read the first two books Simsion released with the Tillman family as characters. But after having read this one, I don’t feel any want or need to read the others. It’s a lovely book, but it just didn’t have enough to pull me in and capture my attention fully.

All in all, it’s a nice read but I don’t feel like if someone said they would take my knowledge of having read the book away, I’d be sad or miss it. If that makes sense. I didn’t love it nor did I hate it. I feel quite indifferent towards it. I feel people that like more contemporary novels, that focus more on real life would enjoy this. I feel like I’m drawn more towards fiction that is a little bit more far-fetched like your suspense/thrillers and I think maybe this just isn’t a bit of me. But if you prefer that more realistic telling of a story you’d definitely eat this up!

Star Rating /5


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