All For You by Louise Jensen 

 January 12, 2023

By  BookishBearx

The new gripping psychological thriller from the bestselling author of The Date and The Sister.

Meet the Walsh family Lucy: Mother. Wife. Falling to pieces… Aidan: Father. Husband. In too deep… Connor: Son. Brother. Can never tell the truth… Everyone in this family has something to hide, but what are they trying to protect, and at what cost? It was all for you.

I was so excited to receive a copy of this book on NetGalley. All through last year during lockdown I binge read so many of Louise Jensen’s books and I don’t think there was one that I didn’t like. What was I expecting from this book? Having read some of her other work, I was expecting to like it. I found her other books hard to put down, they’re very easily read in one sitting due to a high amount of suspense and a good plot and twists. I found that most, if not all of her other books really drew me in, so I did have high expectations going into the book.

So, what did I actually think? I was unsure as I first started reading the book, as it seemed very ordinary. A family of four, going through life, had a few hardships. I was very much thinking “But where can this go? What is that weird turn? How is this going to become creepy or suspenseful?” It didn’t take long for me to find out. Then in true style, when reading Louise Jensen’s work, I was hooked. Everyone in the family has a secret. Something that they’re battling against. But how do they link together? And who’s secret is posing the danger?

I went into this book knowing to expect the unexpected and I still came out shocked and surprised by the ending. Louise Jensen’s writing style is a thing of beauty. It’s so well put together, creating this complex story but is still so easy to read and get lost in. The flow of everything she writes is just fantastic! it honestly is a pleasure to read.

The characters in the book I loved. They all had their own secret. We got to see so much character development of each character around those secrets. We learnt what they were, how they felt and how they affected them and the characters around them. I feel like the whole book is tied up in a perfect bow by the end (a Shockley surprising twist of a bow) but you’re not left wondering and wishing you knew more. There’s no gaping holes in the plot or anything like that.

I would definitely recommend this book, and anything else this wonderful author has written. I will never not read anything she puts out. Easily one of my favourite authors!

Star Rating /5


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