Composer by Kel White 

 January 5, 2023

By  BookishBearx

Today I finished Composer by Kel White and I am now going to share my thoughts and feelings about the book.

Composer is a Fantasy novel published in May this year. It is available to read on Wattpad and to download via Amazon! I will include, as usual, a copy of the synopsis from the books Goodreads page. Giving you a chance to get a feel of what the book is about!

A teenage farm girl conscripted into the town’s guard as punishment learns to navigate city life while hiding the strange markings on her skin. But when she uncovers a plot against the Crown to start a war, she must risk exposing her secret to save her country.

— from Goodreads

During the Composer, we follow Kjara, a haffelin farm girl with a secret. Unlike other haffelin’s, Kjara has strange markings covering her body. Tasked with the burden of hiding them and appearing normal, things become worrisome when after finding herself in some trouble she finds herself arrested.  The captain and Kjara’s family arranges for her to serve her sentence by helping the captain and the guard. Here starts the adventure. Kjara and some unlikely friends, uncover a plot against their Sovereign, they race and fight against the odds to save her. Will they be successful?

I’m not going to lie. I loved this book. It was refreshing to read! My nerdy little, Lord of the Rings obsessed self enjoyed this read way too much. Kel White’s style of writing is so easy to read. The flow he creates in his words is beautiful. The whole book had an underlying sense of humour in the words which just made you smile while reading it. Everything was so lighthearted but still managed to evoke emotion from you when things went wrong.

The characters in the book were so likeable. I loved Kjara’s growth throughout the book. She grew into this responsible person that wanted to do nothing but good. Whereas, at the beginning she was your standard teenager, not listening to directions no matter the result of her actions. Papa, was such a fun character to read, full of pranks and denying his mischievousness but a good person behind it all. His antics really made me giggle. I don’t think there was any character that I didn’t admire. They were all put together so well, and they all experienced growth throughout the story. 

The plot itself was full of action. Something was always happening, there were no lulls in the pacing. It is paced beautifully. Fast enough to keep you interested but not too fast it felt like chaos. I do want to see what happens after the end. It’s the kind of book that leaves you wanting a sequel, because it draws you in so well. I would also like to know more about Soren, and his background. As we touch a lot on his secrets in his past but we  never really get a concrete answer to what they are. We just get hints. So you know I’m sat here hoping for more to read.

All in all, I loved reading this book. It was a great pick me up, and definitely fun to read. I felt drawn in to the plot and the characters. It brought out emotional responses to the story and characters. I would definitely recommend giving this one a read. It’s great!

Star Rating /5


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